Nectar Premier Hybrid Review

Nectar premier hybrid is a great option for sleepers who want the pressure relief of foam and the bounce of innersprings. This 2023 mattress combines contouring memory foam with eight inches of coils to provide a balanced feel. It’s a good fit for back, side, and combination sleepers of any weight. The top layers cradle the body without making the mattress too firm, and it’s designed to stay cool by promoting air circulation and drawing heat away from the body.

The mattress’s 4.0″ layer of comfort material is thicker than average and includes a unique blend of high-density poly foam and memory foam to create a soft feel. The memory foam is slow-moving and gently cushions shoulders and hips. It’s also breathable and promotes air flow, making the mattress cooler than many other hybrid mattresses.

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Back sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds will find the mattress gentle enough to keep their spines aligned and backs comfortable while cradling the curves of their hips. Heavyweight back sleepers may need a more supportive mattress since the coils and top foam will compress under heavier weights.

While the Nectar premier hybrid provides a good balance of support and comfort, it’s not ideal for stomach sleepers. The softer top layers will sink too deeply into this sleeping position and may put pressure on the hips and lower back. Couples looking for a mattress that’s great for sex might want to consider another option, such as the Nest Bedding Sparrow. This mattress is backed by a 365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty.

Why You Should Have Your Septic Tank Pumped


septic service prevents waste from overflowing your leach field and causing drain backups, bad odors, and property damage. It also keeps your septic system functioning properly and boosts your home’s resale value. Regular maintenance procedures like septic tank pumping are affordable and easy, and they help extend the life of your septic system and your plumbing.

Quality Pumping Services: Rely on Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC

When wastewater flows into your septic tank, solid waste settles at the bottom while lighter materials float to the top. Over time, these solids accumulate in the tank and reduce the amount of space available for new wastewater to enter. The solid waste then overflows into your drain fields, causing clogs and environmental contamination. Septic tank pumping removes the accumulated solid waste and prevents it from reaching a critical level.

It’s best to have your septic tank pumped by an experienced professional. Septic services have specialized equipment that can safely clean your septic tank and transport it to a waste processing facility for disposal. In addition, they can locate the septic tank and its access ports to avoid damaging components during the septic system cleaning process.

You can help keep your septic tank from filling up too quickly by getting your household on a pumping schedule and following good habits, such as using water-saving toilets and faucets, pouring only food grease down sink drains, and using the garbage disposal sparingly. You can also help by not flushing diapers, “flushable” wipes, cotton balls, or pet waste.

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Frameless Shower Doors – Groovy Hues of Greater Knoxville

frameless shower doors Groovy Hues of Greater Knoxville

Groovy Hues of Greater Knoxville bathroom is one of the most common places homeowner’s choose to focus their remodeling efforts. Whether you’ve followed tips for tiling a showstopping shower or simply want to change up the look of your room, frameless shower doors may be the ideal solution. They add a modern and upscale feel that helps you showcase your gorgeous tile.

They’re also easier to keep clean. The minimal design means there are fewer areas where soap scum and mildew can build up. There’s also no risk of water collecting underneath seals and seams in the metal frame, which can cause rust.

On the downside, framed shower doors are sometimes more expensive than their frameless counterparts and can be a bit more difficult to install. They require a certain amount of metal framing around the door opening and each panel, and it’s important that the hardware is the right color to match the finish on other fixtures in your bathroom. Framed shower doors can also be harder to maintain because excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to build up in the nooks and crannies of the frames.

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Frameless shower doors are also more likely to break, although this is usually the result of damage to the glass or poor installation rather than a fault with the material itself. It’s important to work with a trusted and experienced professional when selecting and installing these types of doors. They’re tempered to reduce the likelihood of jagged shards if they do break, but you should still be cautious and check them regularly for signs of wear and tear.

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Spray Foam Insulation – Premier Spray Foam


Spray foam insulation is a premium product that homeowners choose, in large part, because it can help lower energy bills. It works by sealing air leaks in the walls and ceiling so that the warm air inside doesn’t escape and cool air won’t get in. This helps reduce the overall energy costs of a home, making it more efficient to live in year-round.

Installing spray foam insulation is simple enough in new construction – you just inject it between the studs in the wall, and then cover the whole thing with drywall. But if you want to add this insulation in an existing home without gutting the walls, there are ways to do that too.

The Science Behind Spray Foam Insulation: Insights from Premier Spray Foam

Walls in older homes are usually harder to insulate than floors or ceilings. This is because if you try to insulate them without removing the drywall, you need to be careful not to disturb the electrical boxes or other things that are buried inside the wall cavity. This isn’t so difficult in brick walls or internal or external walls, but it can be more complicated with drywall walls.

To avoid any issues with insulating an existing house with spray foam, it is recommended that you speak to a fee-free mortgage broker before making any decisions about purchasing or remortgaging your property. The reason for this is that some lenders are increasingly refusing to offer mortgages on properties with spray foam insulation, as the product can be toxic if not installed correctly and can lead to certain health issues.

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EcoHome Spray Foam Insulation

EcoHome Spray Foam evokes a lot of debate among building scientists, construction professionals and environmentalists. Some think it’s the answer to all our energy problems, others believe that if poorly installed it can lead to health issues for homeowners and create an unmortgageable house.

Closed-cell spray foam is sprayed into walls, ceilings and attics during the rough-in stage of construction. It fills cracks, voids and crevices creating an air-tight seal that stops heat loss and helps prevent mould and mildew. It also stops condensation resulting in reduced energy bills.

Introducing EcoHome Spray Foam: Your Eco-Friendly Insulation Solution

Aesthetically, spray foam is a great option for new homes and commercial buildings as it can be painted to match the surrounding décor. It is also suitable for insulating existing homes, attics, and metal buildings. It is also easy to install around light fixtures, electrical outlets and windows and doors and can be applied over drywall and roofing materials.

Exceptional soundproofing: it is very effective in reducing noise from traffic and neighbors. It is also good for asthma and allergy sufferers as it traps airborne pollutants and allergens. Pest prevention: spray foam insulation solidifies upon curing and makes it difficult for rodents to enter the property and make nests.

However, if not installed correctly spray foam can lead to leaks and moisture problems. It is important to always ensure that your installer has been fully trained and qualified to work with this product. It is also advisable to check that your home has been fitted with the correct type of spray foam insulation before buying a house, as failing to do so could lead to expensive and time-consuming remedial works and render your property unmortgageable.

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