The YT Lab – A New Way For Advertisers to Connect With YouTube Creators

YouTube has a new way for brands to connect with video creators. The company is introducing a news hub where marketers can place ads on curated playlists. The hub will show up in search results and as a card on YouTube pages. It will feature a mix of news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle

The hub is being tested with a handful of advertisers, including L’Oreal and BMW, according to a report from Ad Age. The companies are working with the influencer network AwesomenessTV to find content creators who can best match their creative needs.

The YT Lab: Video Editing Tips to Enhance Your YouTube Content

It’s a controversial move at a time when tech companies are facing criticism for failing to slow the spread of misinformation. Many YouTube users, especially kids, are exposed to a large number of problematic videos that promote violence, hate and conspiracy theories. And the platform’s recommendations that follow videos keep recommending more of the same, which could keep kids in a loop of suboptimal content while “hidden gems” of positive content get buried.

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