Why You Should Have Your Septic Tank Pumped


septic service prevents waste from overflowing your leach field and causing drain backups, bad odors, and property damage. It also keeps your septic system functioning properly and boosts your home’s resale value. Regular maintenance procedures like septic tank pumping are affordable and easy, and they help extend the life of your septic system and your plumbing.

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When wastewater flows into your septic tank, solid waste settles at the bottom while lighter materials float to the top. Over time, these solids accumulate in the tank and reduce the amount of space available for new wastewater to enter. The solid waste then overflows into your drain fields, causing clogs and environmental contamination. Septic tank pumping removes the accumulated solid waste and prevents it from reaching a critical level.

It’s best to have your septic tank pumped by an experienced professional. Septic services have specialized equipment that can safely clean your septic tank and transport it to a waste processing facility for disposal. In addition, they can locate the septic tank and its access ports to avoid damaging components during the septic system cleaning process.

You can help keep your septic tank from filling up too quickly by getting your household on a pumping schedule and following good habits, such as using water-saving toilets and faucets, pouring only food grease down sink drains, and using the garbage disposal sparingly. You can also help by not flushing diapers, “flushable” wipes, cotton balls, or pet waste.

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