Live the Passion of Italian Football

Goal360 Live the Passion of Italian Football

With its iconic stadiums, passionate tifosi, and tactical brilliance, calcio (also known as football) captivates millions around the world. However, it is more than just a sport. It reflects the complexity of Italian society, uniting and dividing, inspiring passion and violence, creating heroes and villains. URL

These books showcase this fascinating aspect of calcio, ranging from history to personal stories. Some explore the origins of the game, revealing anecdotal evidence of ancient ball games in Rome’s streets, while others tell the tales of beloved clubs, illustrious managers, and passionate fans.

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Luigi Di Maso’s book explores cult Italian clubs, such as Sampdoria and Vicenza. Through his work, he captures their rituals and the pride and loyalty of their fans — old and young. A modern football fairytale, the book is a must read for any Italian football fan.

An expat himself, Tim Parks chronicles a season-long journey supporting Hellas Verona at home and away, while revealing the not-so-pretty side of Italian fan culture. Written with wit and realism, the book documents all highs and lows of a season that went right to the final whistle, whilst shining a light on how the game can unify and divide a nation.

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