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Spray foam insulation is a premium product that homeowners choose, in large part, because it can help lower energy bills. It works by sealing air leaks in the walls and ceiling so that the warm air inside doesn’t escape and cool air won’t get in. This helps reduce the overall energy costs of a home, making it more efficient to live in year-round.

Installing spray foam insulation is simple enough in new construction – you just inject it between the studs in the wall, and then cover the whole thing with drywall. But if you want to add this insulation in an existing home without gutting the walls, there are ways to do that too.

The Science Behind Spray Foam Insulation: Insights from Premier Spray Foam

Walls in older homes are usually harder to insulate than floors or ceilings. This is because if you try to insulate them without removing the drywall, you need to be careful not to disturb the electrical boxes or other things that are buried inside the wall cavity. This isn’t so difficult in brick walls or internal or external walls, but it can be more complicated with drywall walls.

To avoid any issues with insulating an existing house with spray foam, it is recommended that you speak to a fee-free mortgage broker before making any decisions about purchasing or remortgaging your property. The reason for this is that some lenders are increasingly refusing to offer mortgages on properties with spray foam insulation, as the product can be toxic if not installed correctly and can lead to certain health issues.

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