What is Moderation Assist Facebook?

Moderation assist facebook is a new tool that allows you to automate the tasks you do on a daily basis. These tasks can be anything from reporting posts, hiding comments or even blocking specific users. This will save you time and allow you to focus on bigger projects for your community. This is a very useful tool and I highly recommend you check it out! This link https://commentguard.io/facebook-moderation-assist/

Facebook also recently announced new comment moderation tools that will help creators control conversation threads on their pages and groups. This includes inline comment preview and criteria tags, which will give creators the ability to search for comments by keywords including emojis, commenter names and dates. This will make it easier for creators to find and hide comments that may violate their community guidelines. The tool will be available in the comments manager section of their professional dashboard.

Unlocking the Power of Facebook Moderation Assistance: Tips and Strategies for a Safe Online Space

For example, you could set a rule to decline posts with links in them. This is a great way to prevent spam and keep your community safe from negative websites or competitor blogs!

Another helpful option is to decline posts that have been reported more than once. This will ensure that you are only reviewing the most critical content. This can be a huge time saver and will help you avoid reviewing the same content over and over again!

The best part of all is that Admin Assist is fully customizable. You can change the rules and filters as often as you want. This will allow you to tailor it to the needs of your community!

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