Intelligent Merchandising for eCommerce

In Retail Transformation Trends, the ability to capture and keep shoppers’ attention is crucial. It’s about making the connection with customers, whether it’s an emotional brand story, a unique selling point or product benefits. The merchandising landscape is changing with emerging technologies enabling smarter, more effective strategies that are built for eCommerce.

Intelligent merchandising combines advanced ecommerce solutions with smart technology that uses data to automatically manage and optimise online merchandising in order to improve sales results and shopping experiences. This means empowering teams to be more creative and focus their time on the things that really matter to customers.

The right merchandising technology will enable brands to deliver targeted messages to shoppers based on their behaviour and buying patterns. This allows brands to provide the right products at the right price and in the right channel, delivering a more personalized shopping experience.

Selling Smart: Using Big Data for Targeted Merchandising

It also means enabling merchandising teams to create and automate personalized promotions and campaigns that increase conversion rates and customer engagement. This is a powerful way to drive incremental revenue while building loyalty.

AI enables merchandising teams to leverage predictive analytics to predict business metrics such as customer lifetime value or product demand. By combining this with a deep understanding of shopper behavior and merchandising objectives, marketers can create predictive models that are continually refined over time. This can greatly improve shelf execution for direct-distribution brands by capturing and returning immediate guidance to field reps in real time. This can significantly reduce out-of-stocks and improve compliance.

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