How to Choose the Best Topics for Your Niche Newsletter

niche newsletter

Whether you’re a small business owner, writer, or blogger, creating a niche newsletter can be an effective way to engage with your audience and monetize your content. But how do you choose the best topics to write about in your newsletter? To help, we’ve pulled together some great examples of newsletters based on a variety of interests and industries.

Use reader niche newsletter or feedback forms to find out what your subscribers really care about. Use this information to guide your topic choices for future issues. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on industry trends so that you can share the latest news in your area of expertise. Try plugging your subject matter into Google Trends or following the popular topics on Twitter to stay updated.

The Art of Crafting a Niche Newsletter: Strategies for Targeting and Engaging Your Ideal Audience

Some people create a newsletter about their hobbies or interests to connect with other like-minded readers and to learn new things. The GIST, for example, is a sports newsletter built by 3 college roommates that now has over 700k subscribers. It’s a great example of how to find a unique angle on a popular topic and make it work for your newsletter.

If you’re a product expert in your field, consider writing product reviews or comparisons. This type of content is a great way to get new readers and build engagement, especially if you’re using a referral program (like beehiiv offers) to grow your audience.

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