French-Speaking Tourist Guides in Rio De Janeiro

Frenchspeaking tourist guides in Rio de Janeiro

If Brazilians call their sun-kissed capital the Cidade Maravilhosa (“marvelous city”) for nothing else, it’s because Rio is utterly beguiling. With its beaches for strolling, forested granite peaks and awe-inspiring natural landmarks (such as Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer), this oceanfront city pulses with a rhythm that quickens the senses. A visit here is a chance to get in touch with the frenetic sensuality of Carnival, or to explore Rio’s cultural treasures and museums. But to really discover Rio de Janeiro, you need a guide – ideally a local one. Go here: click here

From Paris to Rio: A French-Speaking Tourist Guide’s Perspective on Brazil’s Cidade Maravilhosa

A private tour with Fabio from Rio Cultural Secrets is like having a super-knowledgeable friend in this most dazzling of cities. He can reveal historic treasures hidden in the heart of downtown, and take you to bars, botecos and restaurants loved by locals. And, if you’re visiting during carnival season, he’ll take you to the famous factory to see how the parade’s legendary floats and costumes are made.

Globetrotter Edemir was born in Bonito, but he spends most of his time at his family lodge in the Atlantic rainforest, introducing guests to Brazil’s fascinating flora and fauna. He’s fluent in English, Spanish and German and is passionate about the different ecosystems of Brazil – a passion he shares with visitors to Rio de Janeiro. He also leads tours in the Pantanal and around Iguacu Falls.

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