Off Market Properties Melbourne

While property buying in Australia has become increasingly competitive, it’s not impossible. In fact, some buyers are able to get their hands on great deals by purchasing Off Market Properties Melbourne. The key is knowing the value of a property, and having excellent negotiating skills. However, making an off-market purchase requires time, resources and effort.

Where is the biggest drop in house prices in Melbourne?

When it comes to selling property, there are a variety of different methods to choose from including auction and private sale. However, a new way of selling is becoming more popular in the industry ā€“ off-market sales. Off-market sales allow agents to connect genuine buyers with their dream home prior to it being listed online or advertised in the media. This method can be a win-win for both buyers and sellers, but what are the benefits of buying or selling off-market?

The Melbourne real estate market has endured some difficult times during the Covid pandemic. In particular, the inner-city suburbs experienced a decline in quality A grade residential real estate. However, despite the disruptions, the market has now recovered to a healthy level of activity with a strong clearance rate.

In the short term, the market is likely to be driven by affordable dwelling types including townhouses and villa units. As the price gap between houses and apartments is at its widest point in years, buyers will be drawn to these more affordable dwellings. This will likely be led by suburbs with good access to schools and amenities such as a Bunnings, medical centre or shopping mall.

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