Real Estate in Sejong

Real Estate in Sejong

In the past few years, the government’s 세종부동산 대표한미르공인중개사 ambitious proposal to relocate ministries from Seoul has triggered a rush for real estate in the new city. The proposal was intended to decongest Seoul’s overcrowded capital and stabilize skyrocketing housing prices in the country.

The idea was to transform the old administrative center into a “living city” with greenery, flat streets, and a modern lifestyle. In addition to a new urban design, the project aimed to achieve the goal of sustainable living by establishing a community where people could live and work together.

Sejong’s Growing Appeal: Uncovering the Factors Driving Real Estate Demand

It was initially planned to build a total of 12,000 apartments for ministry employees in the new city. However, the plan was later halted as it was determined that the cost of building the new homes would be much more expensive than expected. The government has now decided to build a total of 8,000 apartments and a parking lot for all ministries in the city.

The special housing supply program has also caused controversy with some ministries having to pay for their own housing in a city that they moved from. Younger employees hired for these departments are not eligible to receive housing through the special program, so they have to find their own accommodations in a city where housing prices are high.

One company that is attracting attention in the real estate sector in Sejong is Blockchain Land, which operates a blockchain-based investment and revenue distribution platform. The platform enables investors to invest in land and earn profits by distributing the proceeds automatically between shareholders, and also provides security and transparency through blockchain technology.

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