Embroidery Digitizing Services

Expert Embroidery Digitizing Services in Nashville is the process of converting any graphical design into an embroidery file that can be read by an embroidery machine. Unlike screen printing, embroidery is all about stitches, and therefore relies on a different set of skills and software to get the job done. The resulting files are called stitch records, which contain instructions for the machine on where and how to sew. It also explains what stitch types to use, as well as how to deal with push and pull, the tendency for some stitches to shift while being embroidered.

What is the common way to Digitise images?

When creating a digitized file, the digitizer first determines what kind of thread will be used and the type of texture it will be embroidered on. This will determine what sort of underlay stitch to utilize, which will balance the texture on the backing and lay down the fibers so that the stitching can lie on top of them. It will also decide on what sort of fill stitch to utilize, which is utilized to cover a huge region.

This step is incredibly important as it ensures that the design will look good when embroidered. For example, if a design is being digitized for a thick sweater, the digitizer will need to ensure that the stitches aren’t too tight. In addition, a digitizer will need to take into account the potential for “pull compensation”, which is when parts of the design are pulled by the embroidery machine’s bobbin thread and cause shifting in the stitches.

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