What Is a Waterproof Sheet?

waterproof sheet

A waterproof sheet is a type of sheet-based or liquid applied membrane that is used to protect surfaces that are susceptible to moisture infiltration. These include roofs, floors, stairwells, mechanical rooms, pools, planter boxes, and many other types of exterior surfaces.

Sheet Based Membranes

Waterproofing membranes are available in the form of a rolled-up sheet or in liquid that is applied by spraying or brushing onto the surface to be protected. The liquid is absorbed into the substrate and forms a monolithic membrane that does not have laps, welds or seams.

Why You Need a Waterproof Sheet for Your Bed: Protection, Comfort, and Convenience

There are two broad categories of waterproofing membranes: cold-fluid-applied and hot-applied. These are a wide variety of materials that include liquid bituminous, thermoplastic, rubber, polyurethane and other systems.

Roofing – Sheet and Coating Methods

In the past, single-ply coating or sheet waterproofing was the standard for preventing deterioration of roofing systems due to moisture and chemical exposure. However, these methods have a number of inherent weaknesses. These problems include peel-off of the coat or the sheet material, delamination, and deterioration in the concrete cracks/joints. A new type of system combining a coating and waterproof sheet method was developed to overcome these issues.

Showers – Bonded Sheet Membranes

A shower is one of the most common areas to need waterproofing, so it’s important to choose a quality system that’s built to last. Various companies produce bonded sheet membranes that are made to be a seamless, waterproof solution to your shower needs.

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