Choosing Between Athletic Fit and SlimFIT Men’s Dress Shirts

athletic fit dress shirts

When it comes to men’s athletic fit dress shirts | Tailored Athlete there are many different types of styles and fits. It can be tough to choose which one is best for your needs. The best dress shirts are made from high-quality fabrics and are a comfortable fit. They’re also machine washable and easy to care for.

Athletic Fit vs SlimFIT

The standard way to fit a dress shirt is to cut it in a straight or tapered fashion from the shoulders down. However, this style is not ideal for the majority of men due to the lack of room in the upper body.

Those who have a muscular physique may find that an athletic or muscle fit shirt is too tight for them. They’re typically cut the same in the arms, so this can lead to discomfort.

Elevate Your Style with Athletic Fit Dress Shirts

Another issue with this type of shirt is that it often doesn’t tuck well or hang comfortably. This can be frustrating for anyone who is trying to look presentable in their workplace attire.

The good news is that brands are making more options available to customers who want a proper fit in their dress shirts. Here are a few tips to help you pick out the right athletic fit dress shirt for your body type:

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