What is a Football Grip Sock?

football grip sock

Grip socks are football socks that have an anti-slip feature built in. They are primarily used in conjunction with your boots to give your feet a locked-in feel when playing football.

They are often football grip sock also known as performance socks and have a wide range of uses including reduced internal slippage, improved boot responsiveness, and comfort. Players all over the world from park pitches to the Premier League wear grip socks to improve their game and gain a fraction of a second’s edge that may decide the outcome of a match.

Several brands make grip socks and one of the most popular is Trusox which has gained a cult following among professional footballers. This sock is developed with grip in mind and has textured pads on the base of the sock meant to keep your foot from sliding inside your shoes.

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This grip sock is also breathable and has an improved absorbent structure that keeps your feet dry. It is also designed to help limit rubbing and blisters while you are playing football.

The sock is knitted in three dimensions so that all of the toes move independently and are protected from rubbing against each other. It also conforms to the shape of your foot and your specific toes to ensure you have a firm grip on the ground.

These grip socks are made from a high quality material and have excellent water absorption, breathability and quick drying qualities. They are perfect for playing football as well as other sports. They are also available in several different sizes and colors.

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